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List of Hikes for Brian Harris (FBRD)

Hike Name Hike Type Date Miles
Den 8 - Maize MazeDenSat, Nov 2nd, 20132
Anne Springs Close GreenwayPackSun, Nov 10th, 20135
Bakers Mountain ParkPackSun, Sep 14th, 20144
Tour of GrimesPackSat, Oct 18th, 20142
Four Mile GreenwayPackSat, Nov 15th, 20144
Pack hike at LattaPackSun, Dec 14th, 20144
Kings Mountain NMP (11/15/15) - Den 8DenSat, Apr 16th, 20164
Crowders Mountain SPPackSat, Aug 13th, 20164
FBRD Patrol Hike - Belk Scout CampDenSat, Aug 20th, 20164
Total Miles 33